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imageOriginally this site was constructed to highlight my love of swing dancing, hence my nickname became "swingaroo" (the dancing kangaroo). Somewhere along the line I became interested in event photography and some outdoor work. So more and more its just becoming my personal website. Some of the site is devoted to events around my home town in San Francisco and other festivals I have attended. But a large part is just about that undisputable centre of the universe, namely me! ... and all the bad habits and strange people that make up my life. From the shores of sunny Australia, the harbor of Hamburg, the castles of bonnie Scotland, and the seductive sins of San Francisco.

I fell into swing dancing in 1997 after the demise of disco at the Palace in Sunnyvale ("Friday Night Fever"). Since then I have taken over 3000 photos at various clubs in San Francisco and at swing camps all over.

Way back in 2003 I started organising thursday night events which I duely dubbed "SF Avant Ski". At last count I was up to #17 and the attendance was around 300.

My latest passions are the search for my inner 'being' - or whatever term applies. I have never been religious and consider myself agnostic or perhaps an atheist. However in about 2001 I started investigating Buddhism and its spiritual teachings. I regularly attend meditation sessions and various retreats and festivals aimed at personal development.

Latest News:

(09/07/05) I have just returned from a vacation in Scandinavia. I visited Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland (ok 1 day in Helsinki). The highlight was the "no mind festival" held in Sweden .. as I'm sure my friends would agree I am well qualified to attend that. But really it was an extremely instructive festival directed to personal development . You can read more at the Ängsbacka Festival on the Events Page. This was followed by my 4th annual pilgrimage to Burning Man.

(12/31/06) This years highlights have thus far been a month living at Esalen doing a Creativity Painting workshop. The idea is not to judge your painting ... just to let it come from within. I returned a month later for an Esalen Massage workshop and am now doing a massage course. I returned to the Ängsbacka Festival in July to work as a volunteer in the Cafe and what a blast!! Its an emotional rollercoaster but I love it. My 5th visit to Burning Man of course. This was followed by enrollment in a 3 month Massage Course at the Body Therapy Center in Palo Alto. I am now a 'Certified Massage Therapist'. On Xmas day I flew to Sweden once again to attend the New Years Festival at Angsbacka! My second home! It was a total blast as per usual. On my return I enrolled in .. yes you guessed it .. yet another massage course. This time Sports Massage at the BTC. My favorite other activity is '5 Rhythm' dancing in Sausalito every sunday morning.


Photo: 'Yerba Buena Reflections'- this is a real photo - no digital manipulation. Can you figure out how it was taken?

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